Strange Times

Been a bit! Wrote a longer post today but realised it was complete trash... just a few thoughts, then.

My soul is missing tennis big time. Today's been about taking a break from poker and processing for me... I've been reconnecting with my childhood, and experiencing again the joy of playing with my dad under lights in the wintry air on a night like tonight. Going to his sorry slice backhand, that he had to rely on because he could never quite get the topspin backhand thing down... then taking pity on him and bludgeoning cross court forehands until I finally hit the shot that broke his spirit, as he realised that he couldn't cope with my superior pace and ability to find angle.

With the desolate feeling that's in the air at the moment, and having to contend with boredom like never before, I wish more strongly than ever that you were here so we could do it again, dad! One day, I promise, I'm going to make you proud on the tennis court.

Please be well,


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